SiteWhere is the open M2M platform that provides the infrastructure needed to deliver Internet of Things projects faster.

Download the latest release or get started with a cloud instance.

Open Source

SiteWhere is open source software released under the CPAL 1.0 license. Complete source code is avaliable on GitHub.


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Cloud Enabled

Each SiteWhere release is made avaliable as an Amazon AMI. Other cloud services will be supported soon.


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Big Data Ready

SiteWhere has out-of-the-box integration with MongoDB and Apache HBase to support huge amounts of device data.


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About Reveal Technologies

Reveal Technologies is an Atlanta, GA company specializing in M2M processing and integration.

Our flagship product, SiteWhere, evolved from earlier systems that provided asset tracking and location-based services to clients.




  • SiteWhere - Managing Nested Devices

    This video previews new functionality that will be available in SiteWhere 0.9.5 for managing nested "gateway style" devices. The latest version of SiteWhere includes a device element schema editor that allows each device specification to specify the layout of nested devices.

  • SiteWhere on Amazon EC2

    One of the key features of the SiteWhere platform is the ability to run in the cloud.  This video starts by giving a high-level overview of the components involved in a cloud installation of SiteWhere.


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