The Open Platform for the Internet of Things

  • Speed time to market for your IoT application
  • Leverage framework and APIs for custom development
  • Focus on solving business problems, not reinventing the wheel
  • Download source code for Community Edition from GitHub
  • Provided under CPAL 1.0 license

Delivers a Complete Device Management Solution

  • Avoid per-device charges of SaaS vendors
  • Connect devices with MQTT, AMQP, Stomp, and other protocols
  • Add devices through self registration, REST services, or in batches
  • Control large numbers of devices using batch command operations
  • Use advanced command framework to interact with devices

Solves the Big Data Problem for You

  • Provides massively scalable device event management solution
  • Offers highly tuned MongoDB and HBase implementations
  • Provides time series database for device events
  • Runs on a laptop or scales linearly in a clustered environment
  • Tested with many vendors including Hortonworks and Cloudera

Supplies Building Blocks for Advanced Integration

  • Embeds Siddhi for Complex Event Processing (CEP)
  • Integrates with Azure EventHub for massive cloud processing
  • Communicates with Apache Solr for search and analytics
  • Connects to Twilio for cloud communication features
  • Provides libraries for platforms such as Android and Arduino

Offers Asset Management Features

  • Associate devices to people in your identity management platform
  • Associate devices to assets in your asset management platform
  • Associate devices to locations for geospatial features
  • Keep assignment history of each device and associated events

Gives You More Options for Deployment

  • No need to trust your data to someone else’s cloud
  • Deploy to your own private cloud or on premise
  • Deploy to public clouds such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon EC2
  • Deploy to any provider that supports Ubuntu Juju
  • Deploy to any provider that supports Docker

Supports Advanced Multitenancy

  • Run any number of IoT applications on a single SiteWhere instance
  • Offers separate data storage per tenant with no intermingling
  • Offers separate customizable processing engine per tenant
  • Start, stop, and reconfigure tenants without affecting others